How to Bowhunt Elk - A Self filmed Longbow Hunt

In this video I take you along on a self filmed longbow elk hunt. Going over some tactics, gear, strategy, and what it takes to harvest some of the best wild meat on your own.This video was made as a collaboration with theHunter: Call of the Wild video game series.

Mountain Training Ruck: Level 1 (The Day Pack)

This video is meant to be played as a 15 minute weighted pack training video. To use, get a pack with 30lbs of weight, and a treadmill that can incline or a stair stepper machine. Start the video and follow along. This is the beginning level to help get you mountain ready. For more info and weighted pack training ideas you can check out this episode of my Cutting the Distance Podcast.

How to hunt wild turkeys with Remi Warren

This intro to turkey hunting is a collaboration with Remi Warren and the popular gaming serries, The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Remi goes over the basics to getting out into the field and learning to hunt. This video covers everything from field to table for those interested in hunting their own food.For more info on the game or for those looking to get the game I have a discount page for those interested, the link is below.

Marco Polo Sheep Hunt- Chasing the world's biggest sheep

The second adventure of the Sako Great Hunt Series with Remi Warren. Remi ventures into the mountains of Kyrgyzstan in search of Marco Polo Sheep with a 300 wsm Finnlight II he built in Finland. The adventure takes him into the mountains via horses after days of travel just to get into the hunting area. He is rewarded with a giant ram in one of the high alpine basins. Marco Polo sheep are some of the largest wild sheep in the world and live in some of the most remote mountain ranges in central Asia.

How to bow hunt antelope

Tips for spot and stalk pronghorn hunting. Remi Warren breaks down the tactics of the stalk and moving out of sight in this Under Armour Hunt how-to. Great info for your first bow hunt or some things to think about for those trying to get within bow range of pronghorn.

How to debone a hind quarter- Advanced Backcountry Butchering Techniques

Remi Warren's method for deboning a hind quarter. This is the best method for deboning any wild game. It leaves the whole quarter intact and remains hangable. There is zero loss of meat and great for cooling the meat in hot weather. This technique is the most efficient and best way to remove the bone from a hind quarter in the field. It keeps the meat clean, hangable, and cool for quality wild game steaks and processing later. Wild game butchering and processing at the highest level. This method is the how -to butchering for the final product often shown in Solo Hunter Episodes.

Simple backcountry tip that will change your life

Well you may not have brought the kitchen sink... or did you? This simple trick helps control water flow and clean your hands after a successful hunt or just at the end of the day. Works great especially to warm the water up or if you are alone. Also a super simple trick to keep a small drinking water source clean by washing away from a water source. This is a trick that is so simple yet so effective. You will always have a hand washing sink wherever you go! Share this with your friends especially those that like solo camping.

Wild pig hunt in Australia

Remi Warren enters the Outback in search for food. He encounters a wild pig which he brings back to cook over the fire as camp meat.

Australia Water Buffalo Hunt with Remi Warren

Follow Remi Warren on the Sako Great Hunt Series as he tracks water buffalo in a remote region of the Northern Territory in Australia.

Hunting Alaska Blacktail Deer self filmed

Solo Hunter Remi Warren co-host the outdoor channel show, hunts blacktail deer in Alaska while staying at Kodiak Raspberry Island Remote lodge. Exciting hunt for sitka blacktail deer all self filmed. as Remi gets dropped off by boat to hunt North Americas most northern species of deer in remote Alaska.

Trophy Mule Deer shot with a bow

Bow Hunting. Bow hunt for mule deer. Archery hunter takes trophy mule deer with Montana OutWest Outfitters. Mule deer bow kill in scenic Montana. Archery hunter passes a great buck then takes a really unique trophy deer with his bow after making a perfect shot.

Top Elk Hunting Destination: Elk Hunting Montana

Here is a little clip I was in a few years back on Outdoor Channels Ten Best: Top Elk Destinations. For more information on hunts please check out

Hunting with a Bow Alone: self filming hunts around the world- Solo Hunters

Here is a sneak peak at what to expect on Solo Hunters next season as Solo Hosts Remi Warren and Tim Burnett hunt alone and self film both rifle and bow hunts for some of the most challenging adventures on the planet. This is a quick teaser on the type of things you will see when Solo Hunters season 4 airs on the Outdoor Channel next June.

Dances with Warhogs- The challenge of self filming a hunt

Solo hunting in Africa: Self filming a hunt is never easy. There is a lot that goes into it, especially when you are in a strange land, hunting a strange animal. Solo Hunter Remi Warren talks about the difficulty of hunting Warthogs alone in the African veld. A game animal that he thought would be an easy hunt proves to give him the run around as he struggles to get things lined up.

Bow hunting mule deer with a traditional bow- self filmed

Solo Hunter Remi Warren films a close encounter with a trophy mule deer while bow hunting in Montana with a traditional bow. Although he does not get a shot at 12 yards the video is all self filmed while hunting alone! More of this hunt can be seen on Solo Hunters on the Outdoor Channel in 2013 when Remi ends up taking an even bigger buck with his bow a few weeks later! Traditional bow hunting alone for trophy mule deer.

Montana Moose Hunt Calling Moose

Montana OutWest Outfitters takes a hunter on a once in a lifetime moose hunt. Guide Remi Warren calls the moose into range for the hunter. Following the hunt and packing the moose out the crew enjoys some freshly grilled moose steaks

Elk Hunt Part 1 of 3 - Montana OutWest Elk Hunt with Realtree Monster Bulls

Elk Hunt Part 1: Follow Montana OutWest Outfitters guide Remi Warren and hunter Darrel Wise as they hunt elk in Montana on Realtree Monster bulls. This is an action packed elk hunt as the hunters move into position on a giant herd of elk. This is elk hunting at its finest. This elk hunt produced by Orion Multimedia originally aired on Versus.

Elk Hunt Part  2 of 3 - Montana OutWest Elk Hunt with Realtree Monster Bulls

Bow hunting mule deer hunt in the backcountry. Follow the hunt video blog- Nevada Mule Deer Episode 1. Remi chases mule deer with his bow after backpacking in to a remote area in Nevada. He sneaks in and gets a shot at a monster 3x3. Does he make the shot count or does he sail an arrow over the bucks back?

Elk Hunt in Montana: Hunting elk, bull taken in herd of 200 Elk

Elk Hunt : Montana outfitter Remi Warren guides the hunter in on an elk. This is the final chapter of the elk hunt. The hunter harvests a nice bull elk. The elk hunt ends with the hunters packing the elk out. From getting caught off guard by the elk to getting in position and harvesting a bull elk this elk hunt has all the excitement an elk hunting adventure should. This elk hunt produced by Orion Multimedia originally aired on Versus.

Grouse Getters - Bow Hunting Bonus

Getting side tracked chasing grouse with a bow while bow hunting elk in Montana is easy to do. Nothing says bow hunting the west like taking some bonus shots at a tasty fare. They hone your bow skills and are fun to chase so bring extra trash arrows and leave the shot gun at home - this is bird hunting with a bow.


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