New Blog for Hunting Tips and Tactics to Make you a Better Hunter

Hi everyone,

I have just updated the website and am redoing my blog to share some of the most pertinent and useful hunting knowledge I know. I will be frequently updating this section to help provide you with some of the best hunting tips out there.

You will not only be able to find hunting tips and tactics here but recipes, survival and outdoor skills, hunting stories, and videos! Of course there will be a ton of information on western big game hunting, bowhunting, elk and deer hunting, and mountain hunting.

I am excited to get this going so please keep checking back as we will be regularly updating this section with new tips and tactics!

Also feel free to let me know the type of content you are looking for and I will do my best to get that info out!



Remi, with this New Zealand Red Deer hunt you have available is the hunting tactics the same as for Elk as I believe that the Red Deer are a sub species of Elk ?

Don April 28, 2023

Hey Remi,
I’ll try to ask this during your next call in, but would love to hear some more about being a new dad and any tips for balances home/hunt life, or maybe your general philosophy.

Ryan April 28, 2023

Looking forward to all the resources, my daughter (first hunter) and I both have deer and elk to harvest this year.

Pat McDonald June 17, 2021

Looking forward to it! Aiming at first time elk hunt this summer (archery & rifles)!! Thanks for sharing the knowledge!

Regina June 04, 2021

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