First Lite

When your goal is to go farther and stay longer, your clothing matters. Their gear is designed by real hunters and tested by some of the best in the industry including myself.

Rifles & Shotguns


An incredible group of people headline the work that goes into the making of each firearm at Weatherby. Their commitment to excellence and improvement are just a few of the reasons I have partnered with them to create my very own Live Wild Mark V Rifle.

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When your feet feel good, you hunt better, harder, and faster. Schnee's boots have been my go-to for such a long time that I wouldn't trust my feet to anyone else.



One of the most important things for hunting is getting in and out safely. I trust OnX to always get this done.

Fitness & Mental Training


I often say that success in the backcountry goes hand in hand with what kind of shape you're in. MTNTOUGH is the only program that I trust to prepare you physically for the demands of a hunt out west.



Between their constant improvement, no questions asked return policy and the perfect ratio of toughness to optical quality, Vortex knows great optics.

Packs and Sleep Systems

Stone Glacier

Making some of the lightest most durable products in the world, Stone Glacier has the right gear for anyone looking to bush the boundaries of whats possible in the backcountry.


Montana Knife Company

USA made with hunters in mind. What more needs to be said about a knife made by Master Bladesmith Josh Smith.



I make a living off of being quiet, Mathew's bows are the quietest bows and hold a tune no matter how much abuse I put them through.



Creating delicious meals for my friends and family is a huge portion of why I hunt. The difference in how you care for and process your wild game can make or break the meal. I trust the professional tools from Made With MEAT! to help me maintain and enhance the natural flavors of the backcountry.

Hydration and Supplementation

Wilderness Athlete

Staying Hydrated is crucial and the people at Wilderness Athlete know this better than anyone. Offering some of the best nutrition and hydration designed for hunting, you could say they have it down to a science.

Coolers, Waterproof Bags, and Drink-ware


Keeping my food at safe temperatures is always a top priority for me. The only company I trust to do this every time is YETI.

Truck Organization


Keeping your gear available and accessible is key to getting unstuck anywhere you go. DECKED keeps my things right where they should be.



To all but guarantee that an animal goes down in a quick and ethical fashion, Federal Ammunition and specifically their Terminal Ascent has been a staple of all my rifles and shotguns.


day Six

My arrow of choice for knocking down anything and everything!