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SkyTarp 10


The SkyTarp 10 adds a highly versatile tool to your kit for ultralight protection from snow, rain, wind, and sun. Weighing a mere 13.5 ounces (tarp and 6 guy lines), the SkyTarp 10 disappears in your pack but punches above its weight as a waterproof and windproof shelter when you need it. It can be supported by trekking poles, tree branches, or any elevated tie-off you can find and features ten stakeout points that enable a myriad of configurations, including a primary A-frame configuration, lean-to and modified A-frame setups, or endlessly adaptable setups depending on your needs. It can also be run as a standalone shelter for camping in mild, bug-free conditions; as an awning off of tents or trees to create more livable space at camp; as a glassing shelter; or as an emergency shelter. From sun-soaked flats to windswept alpine vantages, the SkyTarp 10 is an essential utility piece that can keep you in the game without bogging down your pack.


  • Ultralight and packable
  • Waterproof & windproof fabric
  • Endless configurations, including A-Frame, Lean-To, and Modified-A-Frame
  • 10 stakeout points
  • Durable, lightweight Dyneema guylines
  • Internal ridgeline loops for added guyline strength or hanging gear


  • Weights
    • Tarp with 6 guylines: 13.5 oz.
    • 4 extra guylines: 1 oz.
    • 12 Stakes: 4.6 oz.
    • Stuff sack: .4 oz.
    • Complete Tarp kit: 19.5 oz.
  • Dimensions
    • Tarp: 10' x 9’7”
    • Stuff Sack: 12” x 3.5”
  • Fabric
    • Nylon 66 10D Sil/Sil

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